The Difference Between Five Card Stud Poker and Five Card Draw Poker

Though their names suggest that these two types of poker might resemble, Five Card Stud and Five Card Draw Poker are two quite different games. They share some similarities, but the rules of these 5-card poker variations are something that separates one from another.

Five Card Draw Poker Rules

The Five Card Draw Poker is like the older brother of the two. It is more popular because it ensures the player has more chances for bluffing. This is a form of poker that has pretty plain rules, and it continues to appear in popular TV shows and movies.

To take part in the game, each participant places an ante wager into the pot that is usually equal to the lowest wager in the game. After that the dealer deals five cards facing down to each of the participants, starting from his left.

Two Betting Rounds

Participant of the game placed on the dealer’s left side opens the betting round, and each player can choose to fold, raise, or call. Usually, every betting round limits you to four raises, but you can often witness some alterations to this rule. If each of the participants folds in the first round of betting, the pot stands and players must add another ante. That’s when the new deal starts.

While in the new first round of betting, participants will have the choice to boost their hand switching the cards. They can get rid of and acquire up to three cards, or keep on playing with their first cards.

When all of the players get a new hand, the second round will begin. That is also the final round. The participant that opened the first round of the game is also the one to open the second. While the second round of the game is in progress, the maximal and minimal wagering drawbacks usually are doubled.

By the end of round two, the participants that are still in the game must unveil their cards, starting from the last player, who either raises or calls. The gambler with ф 5-card hand of the highest value takes the pot. In case only one player remains, they will be the one to carry the pot home.

Five Card Stud Poker Rules


Five Card Stud poker is often compared with the popular poker game Seven Card Stud Poker. It uses a classic 52-card deck, and up to ten players can participate.

Each player places an ante wager into a pot to participate in the game. The dealer deals one card facing up and one hole card to every participant.

Four Betting Rounds

The participant with the up-card of the highest opens the first betting round. If two players have the same value cards, betting will open with the participant closer to the dealer’s left.

Like in Five Card Draw, players reserve the right to fold, call, or raise. If one player raises and the others choose not to follow but fold or call instead — it won’t come to another raise till the next round.

By the end of the first 5-card betting round players will get a third up-card, and the second round will commence. That round of betting opens with the gambler to the left of the dealer. That will continue in a third street when all players get the fourth card facing up. Game is coming to a conclusion when the dealer deals the fifth up-card.

If all of the participants check while the resultant rounds are in progress, the game will continue to the following round of betting. If a participant raises, the remaining players can choose from one of the three options — to call, raise, or fold.

The players who were left in the game will then show their final hands. If there is a single player left, they won’t have to unveil their hole card. That is when the bluffing skills will come in hand. The player with the best-ranking hand will win and take home the entire pot.

Distinctions Between 5 Card Stud and 5 Card Draw

Distinctions Poker

As you can see, Five Card Stud and Five Card Draw hold some significant differences. The first distinction that catches the eye is the way cards are dealt. While in Five Card Draw all of the five cards are faced down, in Five Card Stud Poker you get four up-cards, and one card facing down — hole card. Also, in Five Card Draw, participants will get all five cards at the game’s beginning. In Five Card Stud, after each round of the game players will get one up card.

In Five Card Stud participants are not able to choose but to play with the cards they get. However, in Five Card Draw, there is the chance to trade the cards that aren’t beneficial, and this gives them the opportunity to improve their hand.

Betting rounds are also what differs in these two poker variants. Though both Five Card Stud and Five Card Draw Poker ask for the ante wager to be placed, a participant who starts the round in Five Card Draw is the first one to the dealer’s left. In the Five Card Stud Poker, the betting will be open with the player who’s got the card of the highest value.

When it comes to a showdown, in Five Card Stud, it will take four betting rounds before players display their cards. In Five Card Draw, it happens after the second round.

Although you can play both of these games with one card deck, and you get to have five cards in both of the games, rules of the Five Card Stud and Five Card Draw Poker make these two games very different.