10 Tips and Tricks on How to Win at Slots

Do you want to find out about some of the best slot machine winning tips and tricks? In this article, we will reveal some secrets on how to emerge victorious at slots every time! Take a look!

Slots Tips and Tricks You Have to Learn

Slot machines are definitely the most legendary game you will ever see on a casino floor! There are hundreds and even thousands of slot machines in many land-based casinos. Plus, online, you will find a nearly inexhaustible choice.

The best thing about slots is that anyone can try them. Anyone who is of legal age, of course. If you are a beginner or intermediate gambler, slots will provide the most fun. They feature some aspects that you will not get from other casino games.

Namely, they have a variety of themes, gaming options, bonus rounds, fun animations, and visual effects, cool sounds and sometimes, thrilling or even freaky plots. While the stories and the visual look of the machines are the things that attract people a lot, the greatest thing about these casino game offerings is that you can genuinely win big! There are all sorts of multipliers, jackpots, and winning combination. These could build up to a majestic grand prize beyond your wildest dreams.

However, one thing about slots is that a lot of people claim the games are only chance-based and that there’s no way to use strategy or your mind on your hunt for high prizes. Well, we’re here to tell you that that’s a misconception and in fact, there are many secret tips and tricks that you can use to become a master of slots. This article will show you the greatest slot hacks and techniques that you need to know. Check out these slots tips and tricks before playing, and you will definitely turn into a slot wizard!

Slot Games

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Of course, there are many sources that will give you slot tips, but not all of them are reliable. Most of the tricks are actually quite misleading or ineffective, and you could even end up losing some money if you try them. We took the liberty to weed out the shady tricks, so you will not make a mistake.

Bear in mind that you can’t apply all tricks to both online and land-based machines. You will need to learn them and know how to use these player secrets. Then, your “one-armed bandit” will become your “one-armed cash cow”!

But first, what are slot games? The methods of playing them are both online and offline, and it’s quite simple to learn the rules. The first thing players will see are the reels, paylines, options for betting, win amounts, and jackpot amounts. The reels contain the illustrations called the game symbols, and if you get a winning match of symbols when the reels stop spinning, then it’s time to collect your money. The slot machine will pay out prizes outlined in the prize table.

So check out the best tips to use and win at slots every single time!

1. Use No Deposit or Free Spin Bonuses

This is one of the best reasons people choose online casinos. Namely, when you claim a no-deposit offer, you will have the ability to play slots without depositing with real funds. Casinos will give it to you as a promotion for joining, and all you will need to do next is play some slots. Then, you will have an advantage over the casino. If you get a no deposit cash offer or a bonus in the form of free spins, you will be able to play for free but still, have the prospect to win awards for real. It might be better to pick the no-deposit cash offers since in most cases, you will get more free money than free spins. And, it’s incredibly easy to find no-dep offers if you simply look up bonus codes or casino promotion pages.

To find the best offers, you need to look into the wagering requirement. It should be as low as possible. If you see incredibly high playthrough requirements, it’s best to stay away from that slot bonus.

2. Return to Player

This tip is kind of a given, but if you have no clue about the return to player rate, you need to have it in mind every time you spin the slots. Actually, these three magic words will reveal your chances of coming out on top. If the RTP is low, say 90%, just skip that slot. In contrast, if the RTP is around 97 to 99 percent on online gaming sites, go for that slot. In land-based establishments, the RTP will be around 95%. So, that’s another benefit of online slots — the higher RTP rate that will help you win more money over your gaming session.

However, it’s not as simple as that, and you have to keep in mind that casinos have to profit every time you play. If you pick the slot machine with the highest percentage, you will have more chances of winning, but there is still a chance that you will lose money. So, don’t fall into the trap, thinking that RTP means that you will win all the time. Merely, a high RTP will allow you to win much more often than a low one.

3. Tight is Not Always the Best

It’s best to pick a loose slot rather than a tight one to win more than you can hope for. Tight and loose are ways to describe slot machines and their payouts. When it’s tight, the slot will give you less-frequent payouts. And, the loose slot will cough up more prizes. Some players believe this is a myth, but slot volatility is actually true. In land-based venues, some slots are looser than others, and if you do some research about playing online, you could know which one will pay you more. Unfortunately, you cannot know the tightness or looseness of the slot machine online since the random number generator makes sure the results are random and fair.

4.Beat the Casinos

No-dep offers and RTP rates are just some ways in which you can gain the edge over the gaming establishment. But, there are other ways to outsmart the casino. In some cases, it’s smart to do this rather than try to beat the slots first.

For example, you need to check the law — if you’re a US resident, you must look into which law applies to your jurisdiction. Some codes will not allow bonuses while others will ban gambling altogether. Depending on which law applies to you, you might be able to multiply the winnings. Remember, when we mentioned the wagering requirements? Well, some casinos will offer lower requirements depending on their rules. You merely need to locate the rules in the “Terms and Conditions” pages. Then, you can see whether the bonus amounts you get or any other promotions that you claim can be cashed out for real. Sometimes, you can only use them as game money.


If you want to beat the casino, simply investigate it a little bit before making real wagers. There’s an incredibly large community of review portals and sites that will help you find the best casino which pays out the most. Tips to win slots from fellow players can be pure gold. Additionally, you could look into the rewards or VIP program that can help you advance in your slot game play. If you play with a certain VIP level, the casino will give you rewards points that you can exchange for real prizes, so that’s another way to win some money or non-cash prizes (luxury cars, tropical vacations, etc.) at slots.

5. So Which Slot Game Should You Pick?

This one is among the top tricks to winning at slots every gambler needs to pay attention to. Live casinos use a lot of strange marketing and psychological tricks to mislead you into picking a slot that does not pay a lot. For example, the machines that are at the entrance, or spectacular new arrivals are just some of the machines you need to avoid like the plague. You will never find a loose machine at the front since it can harm the casino’s profits. But, it goes a bit deeper than that. You also need to watch out for machines close to exits and at the end of long slot rows. Those are some that players will pick the most often, so casinos will almost always place machines with terrible payouts in those areas.

Unsurprisingly, online casinos also do this with their slot games. When you visit the page of the casino and see a fancy slot game on the home page, don’t play it. It’s usually a marketing ploy, and the game will not pay out as much compared to others in the casino library. And, you can think of the game table as rows of slots in a casino. Don’t play the games that the casino puts up on the top row. They can pay out less.

So which slots should you choose? One of the best ways to score big is actually to mingle around and switch slots often. The rule states that if you play for some time and never win, then you should move on. Why? Well, in case of the RNG, every single event in the game is unique — if you put in more money and play for longer, the game will not recognize that. It will not turn the odds in your benefit. It’s best to switch from slot to slot and hope that the machine is loose.

6. The Smarter Bet Wins

Speaking of the RNG, the so-called “slot experts” will often tell you that it’s best to “bet max” but that will not always work out. It’s possible that you may not win any prizes. As mentioned, your chances will not increase if you bet more or play for longer. Sure, you will get some rewards points that we’ve discussed before, but the RNG will pretty much never change, and the max bet will not embitter your chances. There are some exceptions, though, and some rare slot titles will exponentially increase the prize as you play, but this is quite rare.

So how should you actually bet? Well, you should find the minimum bet required per payline. Then, bet the minimum amount but on all paylines. If the minimum is only 0.05$, you will not lose a lot of cash. Plus, your game will last much longer, and since the bet doesn’t determine winning chances, it’s much easier to win while losing less. When you bet with the minimum amount across all paylines, you also have a better chance to win bonus features which will activate some free games and spins. One of the best tips to win at slots when it comes to betting is quite simple. So, go slow and steady!

7. What about Progressive Jackpots?

Progressive and random are two different jackpots. Not a lot of people know that. Actually, the progressive prize is linked together, and the pool is massive in most cases. It’s not easy to win it, and you should think of it as winning the lottery. The odds could be against you, my friend.

Jackpots casino

That’s why it might be more clever to hunt the random jackpot! It’s a good trick that hasn’t been proven. But, theoretically, if some casinos use tight slots, strange placements on the gaming floor, and other tricks to playing slots, what’s stopping them from, for example, delaying the progressive payout? In order to build up a huge jackpot size, progressives will take a while before they reach high figures. So, the way to avoid this is to pick the slot machines with random jackpots.

They usually have a set jackpot amount, and while it is smaller than progressives, it’s still quite a lot of money. It won’t turn you into a millionaire overnight, but it’s a safer and more effective option.

8. The Free Mode

This one is directed for online players, and it’s among the most effective tips. To learn the slot, you need to try it out before! Most casinos offer free play modes in which you will effectively get a “fun” balance. That way, you can use that balance to get familiar with the slots, bonus rounds, prizes, pay tables, and more without spending a cent. It’s a great option, and you will learn how to win at slots before using real cash. We advise both beginners and pro slot players to test out the free mode!

9. The Paytable is Your Friend

When you use the free mode or at any point before starting to play, you should look over the paytable. They are different for every slot offer online and offline. And, due to the fact that they are unique depending on the game — some of them will have terrible payouts.

Check the game’s highest winning combos to see how much they could eventually pay you. What’s more, the paytable is a good source to learn about various game elements like scatters, wilds, bonus rounds, etc.

10. Look at the Denomination

Finally, video slots, classic slots, and all other types have various denominations. If you see a slot game with higher domination, it’s possible that they will offer a higher return rate. That way, they could pay out a bit more than slots with a lower denomination. However, it also means that the risk is increased. It’s a clever tip, but it’s best to use it when you have more money to spend.

Summary on Slot Tricks

And there you have it! We explained all about the RTP, progressive jackpots, tight slots, and ways in which you can use the game to your advantage and ultimately beat the casino. If you follow these tips, you’ll get a good idea of how to get more real money out of the slot and get better odds of winning. We advise players to follow these slots tips and tricks in order to increase their chances. You’ll know how to separate hot and cold slots and land a big win! Now, it’s time to start playing, and good luck!